The Case Of The Uninvited Guest:The Quarrel Between Yasir Hussain And Nausheen Shah Intensified

Yasir Hussain and Nausheen Shah's dispute escalated over the issue of uninvited participation in the Iqra-Yasir wedding.

The Case Of The Uninvited Guest:The Quarrel Between Yasir Hussain And Nausheen Shah Intensified
Yasir Hussain, Iqra Aziz and Nausheen Shah

Yasir Hussain is one of those artists in the Pakistan showbiz industry known for being more controversial than his acting. One controversy ended, and the other started!

After the Turkish drama Ertugrul Ghazi, Yasir Hussain has now jumped into a new controversy. Interestingly, the dispute is about two-year-old. Yasir Hussain had recently said in Vasay Chaudhry's show that actress Nausheen Shah was not invited but came to his wedding forcefully. Not only that, but Yasir and Vasay's attitude was also insulting towards Nausheen Shah, and both of them were seen making fun of her in the show.

The matter has been circulating on social media for the past two days, and Yasir Hussain's video is going viral everywhere. Actress Nausheen Shah has given her clarification on going to Yasir Hussain's wedding without being invited. Can anyone enter someone's house without an invitation? I don't go to anyone's house without being asked. "A fool is known by his words and a wise man by his silence," she said, while giving an example.

Nausheen Shah added that Yasir himself had called me and invited me to his wedding. I feel sorry for Yasir because all of a sudden, there is a problem with his memory. She said she was deeply disappointed with Yasir Hussain's behavior and hoped for an apology.

Yasir Hussain Wedding Guests Pics

Yasir Hussain did not apologize to Nausheen Shah, but it seems that the quarrel between the two has intensified from her recent post. Yasir Hussain erased his embarrassment after Nausheen Shah's statement came and declared the show as the culprit of the whole matter and said why such questions are asked in the show.

Yasir Hussain lashed out at the show's management, saying, "If I am wrong, to tell the truth, then the people who ask it are wrong, the TV channels that show it are also wrong, and the pages of bloggers who spice it up are also wrong Even those who enjoy reading and abusing all this, the whole system is wrong. I am not alone." Yasir Hussain also opposed rapid-fire rounds and segments like Truth and Dare in the show.

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In his next story, Yasir Hussain maintained his position and wrote, "As for my senior actress Nausheen, I am 100% right that some people came by force. If Miss Shah says so, I will send those messages and voice notes, after which I got annoyed and told her the wedding location, and even when she came there, she annoyed everyone, and she is still doing it."

Yasir Hussain said that Nausheen Shah was as eager to come to my wedding as she is now. Yasir Hussain also got angry on Nausheen Shah for naming his wife Iqra Aziz and said that she should not drag his wife to get views.

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Yasir Hussain also expressed anger at the people who criticized him and said, “And the people are requested to have the courage to listen to the answer if they are so keen to see the copy of Coffee With Karan.” Don’t be a relative of the actors for correcting them. You can’t tell what one should say or how to say it. Enjoy the show and go ahead, don’t get it on your head.”

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