The Correct Hair Brush For Every Individual Hair Type

Brush or comb: Do you know what to use exactly for your hair?

The Correct Hair Brush For Every Individual Hair Type
Hair brushes for your hair type!

Brushes and combs- there were two categories of hair brushes which we knew when we were young. Over the passage of time, things are quite changed and expanded. So as the list of hair brushes and combs!

The list starts from round brushes, wet brushes, paddle brushes, wide toothed combs and so on.. but have you ever thought what these diverse range of brushes and combs do? So, here we are having a walk through the secret language of hair brushes.


Before moving towards the brushes, let’s have a quick review about combs. The spacing between each teeth of a comb determines its kind and its best use.

Wide-tooth comb

Those ladies who have curly hair (basically those who do not comb often) can use this kind of comb as the larger spaces between each tooth detangle without breaking the natural curl.

wide tooth comb

Spike end comb

Combs which have very less space between each tooth are best for running a flat-iron on sleek hair type. It can also be used for hair-partitioning before blow dry.

spike end comb


Round brushes

Round brushes may vary due to their different sizes with different types of bristles. These two categories determine which round brush you need exactly!

A small barrel round brush can give you a thick wavy curl look! This is because your hair can be wrapped around the brush many times resulting in more waves. Similarly, each barrel size depends on the look you want to have. A medium-barrel brush for chin-length hair can give a sleeker look. While, large-barrel brushes are best for the sleek blowout!    

round brush

Paddle brushes

Paddle brushes are the sisters of detangling brushes. It works best with thick and long hair. Remember, the scene from Tangled where Rapunzel kept on brushing her hair for hours using a paddle brush.

paddle brush

Detangling brushes

Detangling itself means that it will be used to detangle your hair when they are at its most delicate. This type of hair brushes are specially designed to be soft on your wet hair. Moreover, it can be beneficial for dry hair too. If comb doesn’t work on your detangled hair then you must give it a try!

detangle brush