The Crown Is A Popular Binge-Watch Among Pakistani Celebrities

Netflix's The Crown Has Earned Rave Reviews For Its Fourth Season

The Crown Is A Popular Binge-Watch Among Pakistani Celebrities
The Crown

Fans of Netflix’s royal drama series 'The Crown' have long anticipated the arrival of Princess Diana ever since the series began, and the show's fourth season has given everyone a treat. It is by far, the best season of the series and it has managed to ruffle up some feathers within Buckingham Palace as well.

The fourth season of The Crown has been a treat to watch from start to end and people have thoroughly enjoyed their binge-watch, which has seen them see Mountbatten succumb to death early on in the season and the introduction of Lady Diana, to her marriage with Charles, and all the drama that transpired between the two.

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The Crown Is A Popular Binge-Watch Among Pakistani Celebrities

Pakistani celebrities have also been enjoying the latest season of the royal family's soap opera, with Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher applying the perfect finishing touches to a near-brilliant season of the series.

The Netflix series, based on the reign of Queen Elizabeth II,  has gained even more popularity after it took a controversial turn in its fourth season with the much-awaited entry of Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher and Lady Diana Spencer.

Pakistan's popular actor Osman Khalid Butt seems to be the biggest fan of 'The Crown', which has found a solid fan base in Asia, as he shared an interesting post about the show on his Instagram.

The actor wrote alongside his picture:

"Damn, I look fresh for someone who spent all night binge-watching The Crown and had an early call-time."

The show is also popular in India as legendary Bollywood actor Amitabh Bachchan has the show on his binge-watch list. And he 'can’t stop watching' it.

The legendary actor lauded the drama's writing and performances as he wrote: "And the Crown in all its glory continues. What performances, what writing, and what learning on the English language pronunciations, custom, tradition ceremony, history, opinions, monarchy … all rolled into one absolutely. ‘Cannot stop watching’ experience." 

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