The Day Of Receiving Tamgha-E-Imtiaz Was A Memorable Day Of Life, Says Mehwish Hayat

Actress Mehwish Hayat faced criticism for receiving the 'Tamgha-e-Imtiaz' award given by the government of Pakistan in 2019.

The Day Of Receiving Tamgha-E-Imtiaz Was A Memorable Day Of Life, Says Mehwish Hayat
Mehwish Hayat

Although Mehwish Hayat had given a clear answer to the critics even then, now, two years later. She has once again spoken openly about the people's criticism after receiving the Medal of Excellence.

While talking to host Vasay Chaudhry in Ghabrana Nahi Hai, Mehwish Hayat discussed her Tamgha-e-Imtiaz's criticism by the people.

Mehwish Hayat said that she should get the award or not? Everyone has the right to discuss this, but she was upset that people claimed that the actress got the award not because of her acting but for some other reason.

mehwish hayat award tamgha e imtiaz

According to Mehwish Hayat, while she was criticized for receiving the Medal of Excellence, many people supported her too!

The actress said that one of the few memorable moments of her life was the day (March 23, 2019) when she received a Tamgha-e-Imtiaz from Pakistan's Government for her acting.

In response to another question, the actress said that she does not close the comments section on her social media because she does not take most of the criticism to heart.

When Mehwish Hayat was asked to send a mobile message to 6 actors, the actress wrote, 'Nowadays she is alone (single), and what is the intention of message reader?'

Mehwish Hayat sent the message to other actors, including Adnan Siddiqui, Humayun Saeed, Fahad Mustafa, and Bilal Ashraf, to which Adnan Siddiqui first replied, "I'm Ready and Scene On Hai" (on a lighter note). 

Humayun Saeed replied to Mehwish Hayat that she would always be alone (available) for him (on a lighter note).

In response to a question, the actress said that if 'Ertugrul Ghazi' is made in Pakistan, then the leading role can be played by Humayun Saeed or Fahad Mustafa, while there are actors like Ahmed Ali Butt for the role of Ertugrul's brothers.

When Ahmed Ali Butt's name was mentioned, the host jokingly asked the actress what would happen to the horse on which will Ahmed Butt sit?

She replied that now Ahmed Ali Butt has reduced weight, and we should not discuss his size in the show.

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