The Kapil Sharma Show: Starting Soon

Fans can also be a part of the show amid new normal

The Kapil Sharma Show: Starting Soon
The Kapil Sharma Show amid new normal

Fans of The Kapil Sharma Show can start counting the days on fingers as the show will soon get on-aired. With a few changes in the show according to the current pandemic, the show is ready to bang!

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Keeping in mind social distancing, an important aspect of the show will be missing. Can you guess what? Yes, we heard you- it’s the live audience that will not be present on the show. Finding a way out, the TKSS team has suggested letting the fans join the show virtually.

Kapil took the opportunity to share the good news of TKSS that it will be on-aired soon on his Instagram account. He also revealed that how the fans can be the part of the latter show. In this new normal, fans can join the show through video calls as they relax at homes. His caption said, “Hello friends! We’re coming up with new episodes of #thekapilsharmashow soon and y’all can be a part of it too from your home through video call!


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In his video, Kapil informed his fans about how to join the new episodes of TKSS virtually. Those who wished to become a part of TKSS audience they have to give their introduction in a short video clip of 15 to 20 seconds. He added to his Instagram post, “All you need to do is make an intro video, upload it on Instagram, tag me and @tkssaudience and our team will bring me to your home.
Lots of love.”

The new episodes of TKSS are going to get on-air from August 1st.  Actor Sonu Sood will be the first guest of the popular show. However, the format of the show is a little bit changed. Now there will be no film promotion, only COVID-19 warriors will be invited to share their side of the story. What do you think about this new format?

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