The Lifafa Dayan Series Was Inspired By Which Female Journalists?

The web series Lifafa Dayan is based on the media industry and gained popularity due to its unique and bold story.

The Lifafa Dayan Series Was Inspired By Which Female Journalists?
Mashal Khan

The lead role in Lifafa Dayan is played by Mashal Khan, a newscaster drawn to the wrong trends after entering the field of power and money.

The series is being lauded for its unique story, as it shows the news industry, particularly how some people abuse their power.

It was generally thought that the web series's story was made with some well-known anchors and journalists in mind, but now the producer of the series has also clarified this.


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Farhan Gohar, the producer of Lifafa Dayan, said that he came up with  making this web series after watching news channels.

He had been listening to 'Lifafa' journalism for many years, so he decided to make a web series on it, and then he combined 'Lifafa' with 'Dayan'.

Farhan Gohar said that no one, including him, has any proof of 'Lifafa journalism', but everyone knows that this happens in the journalism industry.

According to the producer, when he planned to make the web series, he came across several female journalists' faces, about whom everyone, including him, has heard many stories.

Farhan Gohar said that he had several famous faces in mind without naming any news anchor or female host.

Referring to 'Lifafa Dayan', Mashal Khan said that she was pleased when offered to work in the said series because she realized for the first time that the said character is an opportunity that she has been given for a long time.

She clarified that 'Lifafa Dayan' is not based on showing women's shady role in the media industry, but the web series shows that the journalistic industry should be made safer for women.


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Mashal Khan said that his character has been portrayed so oppressed that those who watch 'Lifafa Dayan' will feel sorry for her till the end of the series.

According to the actress, she locked herself in a room for several months to prepare for this character, and during the shooting, she trembled so much that everyone really felt that she was intoxicated.

It is to be noted that in 'Lifafa Dayan', Mashal Khan has been portrayed as a news anchor and host who not only seems to be abusing her powers but also distorting the facts in return for concessions.

Mashal Khan's role in Lifafa Dayan has also been shown smoking and drinking while the series has been shown creating scandals in the media industry and twisting scandals.


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