The Other Side Of Ahsan Khan!

Ahsan Khan Is Not Just An Award-Winning Actor, He Is A Model Citizen As Well!

The Other Side Of Ahsan Khan!
Ahsan Khan

Ahsan Khan is not just a good-looking actor with many performances to his credit, but there is another side to the Udaari actor that most people don’t know about. From producing dramas to appearing in meaningful ones, from conducting interviews to becoming the first choice celebrity of kids, Ahsan Khan has been there, done that. Let’s talk about his humane side and try to find out what makes him stand out from his colleagues, and how he manages to stay in the news for the right reasons.

Ahsan Khan – The Award-Winning Producer

These days every actor wants to produce a drama or two, but Ahsan Khan did that a number of years back, with success. Not only did he win awards for his productions, he was hailed as one of the successful actors turned producers by his colleagues. His famous plays include Mar Jayen Hum Toh Kya, Sukh Dukh, Rani, Kaise Huay Benaam, Chashm-e-NummMariyam Perera among others, and one hopes that he returns to productions once COVID-19 is over.

Ahsan Khan – The Philanthropist & Do-Gooder!

It’s a good thing that every celebrity supports a charitable cause these days but Ahsan Khan was amongst the first few to do so when it wasn’t considered a must-do thing on your checklist. Who can forget the video of the homeless old man who spoke perfect English but had nowhere to live? It was Ahsan Khan’s efforts that saw that man find a shelter after his video became viral. He collaborated with JDC (Jafaria Disaster Cell), as well as Indus Hospital over the last few years helping both the less privileged people and sick kids who were surprised to find their favorite actor amongst them. And then there was the first of Deewar-e-Meherbani walls (Wall of Kindness) that Ahsan Khan set up so that rich people could help the poor by ‘hanging’ their used clothes and blankets on the wall so that those in need could take them without feeling embarrassed.

Ahsan Khan – The Message-Spreading Actor

Usually, actors don’t look for the message in the script when signing a drama but Ahsan Khan ensures that the audience takes back a message through his dramas. Udaari discussed the taboo topic of Child Molestation and despite earning the ire of PEMRA, it was so beautifully done that most of the awards that year went to the drama. His most recent drama Bandhay Ek Dour Se is one of the few plays that doesn’t (so far) have a thappad in it, and also discussing the important topic of male infertility, a topic that hasn’t been touched in mainstream TV in recent years. One must appreciate his versatility as, within five years of Udaari, he is playing hero to Hina Altaf in Bandhay Ek Dour Se, the same girl who was earlier terrorized as Paa Imtiaz in Udaari!

Ahsan Khan – Kids’ Favorite Celebrity!

The kids of today as smarter than the parents, so in order to become popular amongst them one has to reach up to their level and deliver. Being a father to three wonderful kids, Ahsan Khan knows exactly how to be their friend and that’s why he has been hosting Knorr Noodles Boriyat Busters for quite some time now. Add to that, he was the main protagonist in the animated film Tick Tock released in 2018 and during the first wave of Covid-19, posted some videos with his kids where the father-kids discussed Islamic stories for a change.

Ahsan Khan – There Is Nothing That He Can’t Do!

Would you believe if I told you that Ahsan Khan is the only actor in Pakistan to host a successful talk show, host Ramadan transmissions and sing OSTs during his career? That’s true; Ahsan Khan’s talk show BOL Nights with Ahsan Khan is nearing 100 episodes where A-list celebrities like Bushra Ansari, Humayun Saeed, Ali Zafar, Deeba Begum, Ramsha Khan, and Hiba Bukhari have been interviewed gracefully; he has been hosting Ramadan transmission for more than five years on national television while sang the OSTs of Khoya Khoya Chand (music: Sohail Haider), Marasim (music: Waqar Ali) and Humdum (music: Sahir Ali Bagga) to name a few.

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