The Woman Involved In The Kidnapping Of My Children Has Been Arrested, Model Sofia Mirza

The Actress Said In A Video Message That Her Children Were Abducted 10 Years Ago

The Woman Involved In The Kidnapping Of My Children Has Been Arrested, Model Sofia Mirza
Sofia Mirza

Model and actress Sofia Mirza has claimed in an Instagram video that the main suspect in the gang that abducted her children 10 years ago, has been arrested by the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA).

Expressing her gratitude in a more than 2-minute video on Instagram, Sofia Mirza said that a decade later, the main female accused in the kidnapping gang was finally arrested.

According to the actress, the FIA arrested the main accused Sadaf Naz at the airport while she was moving from Pakistan to Dubai, who had shown herself the fake mother of her children.

Regarding the abduction of her children, the actress said that her ex-husband Omar Farooq Zahoor along with Sadaf Naz and two other accomplices abducted their children from Pakistan and smuggled them to Dubai.

The actress claimed that her ex-husband and Sadaf Naz had exchanged other documents including 'B Form' and 'Birth Certificate' of her children and Sadaf Naz had been the mother of their children for over a decade.

She said in the video that her ex-husband and Sadaf Naz's group is influential and all the other members of this group are still at large and their children are still in Dubai.

The actress and model demanded help from Prime Minister Imran Khan for the recovery of her children and at the same time she appealed to her fans to help in the recovery of the children.

The actress termed the arrest of Sadaf Naz as a good deed of the recent government and said that the woman who became the fake mother of her children was arrested from the airport.

Although the actress spoke about the arrest of a woman named Sadaf Naz, she did not say whether the FIA produced the detained woman in court or not and when she was arrested.

Earlier in January, the model and actress had also filed a petition in the Lahore High Court for the recovery of the children, on which the court had sought a report from other concerned agencies, including the Home Ministry.

Earlier in September 2019, the FIA had confirmed that a money-laundering investigation has been launched against actress and model Sofia Mirza.

The FIA had said that a money-laundering investigation was started against the actress after the case was transferred to them by the National Accountability Bureau (NAB).

Prior to the FIA investigation, the actress had said on social media that her ex-husband was running a false campaign against her.

The actress was rumored to be involved in money laundering like model Ayyan Ali in August 2019. However, the actress denied the allegations in her social media posts.

But later in September 2019, the FIA confirmed that a money-laundering investigation had been launched against the actress.

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