These Exercises Will Help Strengthen Your Lower Body

Lower body strength is essential to lead a fit and healthy life, and these exercises will help you in achieving that.

These Exercises Will Help Strengthen Your Lower Body
These Exercises Will Help Strengthen Your Lower Body

Exercising is tough but quite often when we get into the routine and have a fixed workout regime, we pay more attention to our upper body strength than lower body.

In fact, some of us do not even know what exercise works better for which body part.

However, as important as it is to have workout routines that focus on strengthening our upper body, it is equally important to focus on our lower body, such as, calf, glutes and thighs.

To become better at sports, carrying weights or just simply making everyday movement easy, lower body strength is crucial. And these exercises are cut-out for strengthening our lower body for a healthy and fit life:

Glute Bridge

It may look easy but after a few minutes into it, we feel our hamstring burning.

How To Do: Lie flat on the yoga mat with your knees bent and foot flat on the floor. Stretch your arms upwards facing the ceiling and slowing raise your hips off the mat. Repeat for another 30seconds, rest for another 10 and start again for a total of two to three sets.


They became a trend after the Kardashians made them famous, but squats are a good lower body workout as they strengthen your legs, thighs, glutes and many other lower body muscles.

How To Do: Stand straight with your at least a feet legs apart, make sure your feet have a stance. Sit back without bending your knees and stand tall again. Repeat this at least 10 times.

Step Up

This leg workout is tiring but works your calf muscles.

How To Do: Stand near the stairs or in front of a chair and step up and down for 30-seconds, rest for another 10 and then repeat.