These Sehri Meals Will Keep You Energized Through The Day

They are easy-to-make and will keep your energy levels up for longer.

These Sehri Meals Will Keep You Energized Through The Day

We are almost 15 days into Ramazan and have found ourselves resorting to the same meal for sehri every day. Yes, we are talking about the anda paratha or in some houses khajla pheni.

While we love preparing different meals for iftari, more often than not we do not give much thought to our sehri meals.

However, it is the sehri meal that needs to be high in nutritional value to help us feel energized throughout the day.

So to help you get started on a healthy meal plan for the next 15 days, we have put together a list of easy-to-male sehri meals that will keep your energy levels up:

1. Oatmeal And Fruits

Photo: Oats topped with fruits.

This meal is packed with minerals and nutriments that will give you an instant energy boost, making it the healthiest meal you can have for sehri.

All you have to do is cook oatmeal on stove with milk. Add sugar to taste and top up the mixture with fruits of your choice. We suggest bananas, apples and cherries.

2. Scrambled Egg With Chicken

Scrambled eggs with chicken, garnished with basil leaves.

Give your usual egg breakfast a twist and add chicken to it. It’s super simple and super delicious.

Make scrambled eggs and add cooked chicken to it. To have a more wholesome experience, add 2tbsp of grated parmesan cheese and feel it melt right into your mouth with every bite.

3. Chicken-Layered Paratha

Photo source: Food Fusion

Chicken-layered paratha is rich in fiber and protein, making it a healthy and wholesome sehri meal, helping you sail through the day with all that energy.

It is easy to make too! All you have to do is cook chicken just the way you make qeema. Roll out paratha dough, fill it with the cooked minced meat. Roll it back into ball-shaped dough.

Cook paratha and serve with raita.