Things Got Furious Between Aijaz Aslam And Tehseen Javed

Lately, Aijaz Aslam was involved in a feud with Tehseen Javed.

Things Got Furious Between Aijaz Aslam And Tehseen Javed
Aijaz Aslam

Pakistani actors who are fond of playing cricket passionately, became a part of a “celebrity cricket team”. These known names play cricket with complete dedication; however, not long ago, Aijaz Aslam faced unforeseen circumstances where he got involved in a feud with the legendary singer and cricket mentor Tehseen Javed. 

Aijaz Aslam Ranted On The Internet About The Fight

Unexpectedly, Aijaz Aslam was seen ranting in a video about the whole scenario that happened with him and Tehseen Javed. In the video, the “Cheekh” actor was seen explaining how offensive Tehseen Javed's behaviour has been. He stated some concerns about the singer’s misbehaviour. Talking about the fight in a video Aijaz opened up and said that Tehseen Javed is trying to bring politics in the cricket ground and between the teams. Further, he complained that the singer’s behaviour is not right with a senior actor such as himself. Furthermore, the actor stated he had to withdraw from a match due to the same bad behaviour. Aijaz Aslam looked very upset over the feud and with disappointment he said that some people never learn and continue doing whatever they want to do. Nonetheless, he advised Tehseen Javed to join a political party rather than bringing politics on cricket grounds, clearing that the team stands on its players not on him. 

Faysal Quraishi Extended His Support To Aijaz Aslam 

The duo of Aijaz Aslam and Faysal Quraishi is inseparable as it could be seen how a dear friend came in support. Faysal Quraishi explained how calmly and gracefully Aijaz Aslam tried to clarify the matter despite the misconduct from Tehseen Javed, he named a few other people who faced the same behaviour and claimed his full support for Aijaz Aslam. 


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