Things Newly Mother Had To Listen

Being A Mother Is Never An Easy Job.

Things Newly Mother Had To Listen
Mother with baby

Giving birth to a child, an entirely new human being, making an addition into the world with the pain equivalent to death, ripping off your organs, and crushing your bones. You'd never know how strong you are until you gave birth to a child. 

Delivery of a child

New born baby

There is a thing called Postpartum disorder; every female is aware of it now. It is a phase you get in right after the birth of your child. The research shows that 80% of the mothers get into this disorder but can't help it. They can not ask for help as they are not supposed to. They are expected to multitask even after giving birth. They are expected to be vigilant enough to look after their baby, clean them, feed them, complain about nothing, and be given no support. 

Mother with baby

Sigh, the society we live in does treat our mothers that way. Sadly speaking, this behavior is inhumane. 

It is the time where you'd feel like not kicking it off, and your boobs must be sore. You'll see your ripped belly with tons of pounds, all the stretch marks and patches, and all the yelling scars telling that you are a mother now. At the moment, instead of sweet little words of motivation, unfortunately, you had to listen to things no one would ever want to hear. 

Baby irritating mommy

It Is Your Job

Others will make you realize that you are a mother now by telling you repeatedly like you did not know about it. It is your job to fulfill the needs of a newborn baby and babysitting the entire family at the same time. Moreover, lose weight, look good, and not stress yourself because you are not the first woman giving birth. 


Children irritating mother

Do Not Over React

Don't panic, don't overreact even with the split abdomen, not even when you are continually bleeding for months. Not even with the burst chest. You better stay calm and quiet like a lady. 
It is no doubt a life-changing moment for every lady out there. Pace out beauties, relax, and chill. You will make it through. Let them say and let them not hear them. More power to you.

Mother Shouting on children

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