Tik Tok is back in business!

Pakistan Unbans TikTok

Tik Tok is back in business!

Much to the pleasure of Pakistani Tiktokers, the government has lifted the ban today on the social media site today.

The government had to deal with a lot of criticism and scrutiny after their decision of banning tiktok, vloggers, bloggers and tik tok stars came forward to voice their displeasure publically on this move. As of today, the ban on Tik Tok has been uplifted and people are certainly taking this as a feat for creative freedom. 

The ban came around the same time as the Gala advert, which was banned by PEMRA leaving the content creators and creatives of this society completely raged.

Many tiktok stars criticized this ban including the 22 year old content creator Jannat Mirza , who is the first Pakistani star to gain a following of 10 million, announced she will leave Pakistan for good and move to Japan 5 days after the ban was announced.

We are hoping this is the last of such social media platforms being banned and the government takes better measures to amp up security or communication with developers’ if the need arises.

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