Tiktok Stars Made It To Television With New Series Masters!

Despite The Ban, Tiktok Stars Are Making It Big In The Pakistani Entertainment Industry

Tiktok Stars Made It To Television With New Series Masters!

TikTok has created news one after the another, some good, some controversial but the best thing that came out from it is the exposure masses have gotten to showcase their talent. A new series from Express Entertainment just went on air and is trending no. 1 on YouTube just after it’s first episode.

Masters Tiktok

The series has a stellar TikTokcast which includes the famous male star ZulqarnainHaider who has a huge following already, along with Romaisa Khan and HaniaAshfaq who are all making their television debut with “Masters” amongst other television stars.

Masters Tiktok Alizeh

The series showcases young , hip college kids and revolves around their lives. Written by KhurramNizami and directed by AqeelTashi, this series is the the first of its kind that stars both Romaisa Khan and ZulqarnainHaider who have millions of fans on Tiktok and instagram already.

Masters Tiktok Rohaan

We are hoping this series will be received well by the audience and will give other TikTok stars more motivation to continue after the ban on TikTok has lifted.

Other cast members are Hamza Tariq, Farhan Ali Agha ,Bina Chaudry, Gul e Rana, Mojiz Hussain, Irfan Motiwala, Kanwal Nazeer, Mohammad Bilal, Akhter Hussain and Adil.

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