Tips And Tricks To Apply The Perfect Foundation

Foundation Is The Most Integral Part Of A Makeup Look

Tips And Tricks To Apply The Perfect Foundation

Applying the foundation seems like a work of few dabs here and there, and you're good to go. However, if your foundation is unmatched, patchy, or not blended correctly, it can ruin the whole look's charm. Remember, you have to focus on achieving healthier-looking skin rather than a patch of whiteness. We have to dig down the most incredible tips and tricks to make you a pro with foundation application. 

Prep for flawless skin: 


Hydrating skin regime is the key to flawless makeup. Start the process by cleansing your face gently. Cleansing will help to tighten the pores. After applying toner, use any hydrating cream, a moisturizer that suits you. A hydrated look will level up your foundation appearance making it less cakey.

Use a primer: 


Primer sets a smooth base on your skin. It gives a seamless finish on the canvas of your face and ensures the longevity of makeup. Primer is a non-negotiable ingredient to achieve your desired look. Silicon-based primer goes best for oily skin; for dry skin, use a cream-based primer. 

Use a beauty blender: 

Beauty Blender

It's 2021, the era where people are aiming to have dewy and healthier skin. Use a damp beauty blender in a tapping motion to have an airbrushed look of a seamlessly blended foundation. A beauty blender will also help with the lightweight feel of makeup on your face since it thoroughly blends the makeup content, and you can carry it all day long comfortably. 

Use a setting powder: 

Makeup Powder

Who doesn't wish to have flawless coverage on the skin on heated summer days? After foundation, a setting powder, especially on the T- Zone area, helps to dry out the facial oils that wear off the skin's foundation. Setting powder can also prevent extra shine.

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