Tips For Controlling Late Night Cravings

Healthy And Delicious Food!

Tips For Controlling Late Night Cravings
Late Night Cravings

We know how you've been stranded at home the past few months and gaining extra pounds, which is okay, because it's not something you need to stress about in the time of a pandemic. It's normal to turn to food for comfort but just to help you out a little bit, we bring you healthy snacking alternatives to munch on so you can satisfy your craving, get Nutrition and stay fit in return.

People tend to watch movies or play games late at night and get snacky, that is when they order junk food like burgers and pizza. But we're listing a few snacking options down below if you're trying to lose weight.

Low Calorie Snacks Options:

Popcorn, almonds and chocolate chips:

Popcorn, almonds and chocolate chips

Take a bowl, add popcorns, handful of almonds and chocolate chips the bowl. Give it a shake and enjoy that untimely craving nutritiously!
Nutritional Value: Around 250 calories

Apple and peanut butter:

Apple and peanut butter

Cut apple into slices, garnish it with peanut butter and some nuts. Enjoy!
Nutritional Value: Around 180 calories

Protein Smoothie:

Protein Smoothie

Spinach 1 cup, 4 to 6 walnuts, 1 tbsp hemp seeds/ chia seeds/ basil seeds, 2 banana, 2 dates, 1 tsp honey, some ice.
Blend and enjoy the sweet, savory deliciousness of this smoothie.
Nutritional Value: Around 400 calories

Toast, cheese and banana:

Toast, cheese and banana

Toast a bread, top it with cheese and slice banana or strawberries on top. 
Nutritional Value: Around 200 calories

Half glass orange juice:

orange juice

Drink half glass fresh homemade orange juice! 
Nutritional Value: Around 120 calories

Figs and nuts:

Figs and nuts

We all love eating nuts and dry fruits in winter anyway, so this is easy. Eat a handful of mixed nuts and a few dried fruits. Not too much. For example 2 3 dried apricots, 4 5 dried figs et cetera



Dates are super helpful in controlling your sugar cravings. Being super low in calories it is best choice! Just slice open a date, remove the seeds and put one almond in between or a sliced cucumber

A glass of milk:

A glass of milk

A warm glass of milk before bed? Yes please!
Add ⅓ tsp turmeric in milk and drink away!

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