Tips To Eat Healthily This Ramadan

We Will Tell You How To Stay Fit In Ramadan.

Tips To Eat Healthily This Ramadan
Ramadan eating habits

The spiritual month of Ramadan is just around the corner. It's that time of the year when the iftar tables give us food coma, and sehri is the time where we fill the vessel of our stomach with as much water as we can. Indeed, we think that will help us to stay hydrated during the fast. But according to the dieticians, people really mess up their health during Ramadan with unusual eating patterns before and after iftar. Fasting brings us blessings, and the health benefits attached to it gives us a golden chance to change our eating patterns. To provide you with a go-ahead with your healthy routine in Ramadan, we have listed few tips for you. 

How To Stay Hydrated In Ramadan:

You get thirsty in no time during your fast because you have been taking water intake in the wrong way. Loading your stomach with jugs of water will not help you to be hydrated. The right way to stay hydrated during your fast is having two glasses of water every hour after your iftar. Avoid caffeine, especially coffee in sehri, since it can be dehydrating during your fast. 

How To Stay Hydrated In Ramadan

What To Have In Iftar:

Ramadan has always been a chance to binge eat with tables full of most scrumptious food all month. But that will be having a significant impact on overall health for a whole year. Try avoiding fried snacks and using fibre-rich chickpeas and yoghurt as an alternative to making you feel full. You can also make your recipes in the air fryer and switch to grilled food than deep-fried. 

What To Have In Iftar

What To Do In Sehri: 

We often have fried eggs, processed flour bread and again oily food options for sehri too. We can instead switch to lentils, wholewheat, and oatmeals to keep us full for the day. Eggs are a great option if made with no oil. Yoghurt and nuts will provide you energy and will keep you healthy throughout your fast in this heat.

What To Do In Sehri

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