Tips To Stay Healthy While Eating All The Meat This Eid ul Adha

Enjoy the delicacies while staying healthy this Eid.

Tips To Stay Healthy While Eating All The Meat This Eid ul Adha
Eid ul Adha

When a festival approaches we look forward to spend some delightful days with friends and family. Similarly, Eid ul Adha holds immense importance for the Muslim community religiously as it includes sacrifice of animals and dividing the portion of meat amongst needy, relatives, neighbours and for themselves. This is the reason why scrumptious dishes are the spotlight of big Eid. Bar-b-que items are too hard to resist. These dishes are prepared with great enthusiasm and flavours. But sabotaging weight goals for the delicious meat fest during Eid is a common issue. You can be watchful of the amount of meat you’re consuming and enjoy the meaty dishes all Eid in a healthy way. 

Controlling Portion 

Surely, the dishes are lip smacking and you can try them all by only controlling the amount your should eat. Yes, that’s right! Watch what you’re eating and control the amount. Make sure you don’t eat all of the food at once and just consume smaller portions with gaps from everything you want to enjoy. Taking bigger portions of meat all at once can lead to indigestion issues and bloating as well. 


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Less Oil, More Grilled

Choosing grilled food is much better than going for the oil dripping dishes. Grilled food consist of a very less amount of oil usually made up with coal smoke. Make sure you’re taking some green salads on side to balance the meat and help out your digestion. 

Less Oil More Grilled

Keep Your Green Tea Close

Green tea will help your body to maintain the cholesterol level which could be at a stronger level due to oil and meat. It’ll detoxify the body and cleanse the oily substance. If you have eaten a lot of fatty food then green tea will help to balance out. 

Keep Your Green Tea Close


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