Top 4 Celebrity Weddings Which Became The Hot Topic On Social Media

Wedding Of Famous Tv Artists.

Top 4 Celebrity Weddings Which Became The Hot Topic On Social Media
Feroz Khan Wedding

Undoubtedly 2020, the pandemic’s crucial year, was a massive stressor for all, but for many, it became the most precious one! The year of lockdown and quarantine became the wedding year; many Pakistani artists got married and marked the year as the most memorable of their lives. 

HNH brings the most popular weddings that surprised yet made their fans contended.

The Most Favorite - Falak Shabbir And Sarah Khan

Falak And Sarah

The couple showed up on social media surprisingly with their proposal picture. Public went crazy for the romantic couple’s love, and the social media was filled with their updates and latest photos. People were way too excited than ever before in the pandemic; superstars’ weddings became more popular than the virus. Falak, a famous Punjabi and pop singer, took the hand of our favorite Sarah Khan, a very talented TV artist while sitting on his knees and proposed her. It was a double dip for Sarah as it was her birthday, and got engaged too. The couple winded up the wedding in the short span of less than a week.

The Most Viral - Hina Altaf And Agha Ali 

Agha And Hina

The couple, when showed off the wedding pictures, went viral both negatively and positively ways. The unexpected wedding amazed the fans, which result in bashing the couple. The haters started commenting, showing that they did not like the couple much. But the couple does not seem to care about any of those negative comments and remain favorable to their fans who still love them.

The Cutest One - Sana Javed And Umair Jaswal

Sana And Umair

Pakistani TV actress Sana Javed marries pop singer Umair Jaswal. Their wedding was a big surprise for their fans. She looked amazing as always, wearing pastel colors contrasting with her groom. The fans showered tons of love for the charming couple. 

The Romantic One - Sajal Ali And Ahad Raza Mir

Ahad Raza MIr And Sajal Ali

The Yakeen Ka Safar couple was already famous on Instagram, but their marriage gave their fans a great surprise, their wedding pictures got viral and the beloved couple was congratulated. 

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