Top 4 Plus Size Models That Will Boost Your Confidence To Love Your Self The Way You Are

Size doesn’t matter if you dream big!

Top 4 Plus Size Models That Will Boost Your Confidence To Love Your Self The Way You Are
Plussize Model

Undoubtedly, every girl’s dream is to have a perfect body, face, hair, and a complete package. Tend to think so much and spend a lot to be as are idols or role models. But everything is not for everyone, and it is not necessary to be someone else. What important is to accept yourself with all the flaws and imperfections. 

Media plays a significant role in portraying the craze of the perfect body. Still, by the time the concepts are changing, and the acceptance of varied sizes are becoming common. 

Overweight Woman In Tracksuit Holding Chocolate Bar And Apple In Both Hands

HNH presents you here to review  some gorgeous plus-size models that will dazzle you with their confidence over their over-sized bodies. 

Ashley Graham

Ashley Graham

She is an American plus-size supermodel. Covering almost every famous fashion magazine, walked on runways at big fashion shows.

Ashley has her book and her brand for lingerie and dresses. She is also a public speaker and promotes body positivity. 

Tess Holliday

Tess Holiday

She is an American model and a mother of two kids. Tess persuades her career first as an advocate for representation in the fashion industry. She recently posted on her Instagram for all the people who call her unhealthy.  She said that it is none of anybody's business. 

Denise Bidot 

She becomes the first plus-sized model in 2014 to walk the runway of NYFW. The 32-year old model Denise launched a lifestyle movement and named it 'there is no wrong way to be a woman.

Iskra Lawrence 

British model promotes body positivity by using her platform, telling her followers that what they see on social media is not always accurate. She runs a YouTube channel ‘everyBODY with Iskra’. On her channel, she posts workout videos and promotes her followers to love themselves. 

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