Top Lipstick Shades You Can Pull Off

Lipsticks Are The Beauty Essential

Top Lipstick Shades You Can Pull Off

Summer calls for the glowing face with popping lip colors. Trying different lip colors can always give a fresh look to your face. More than any time of the year, summer takes you to an innovative and punchier shade of lips. Having few favorite lip colors are always in the collection but risking and daring never goes out of style, especially with the lipsticks. Play with the colors we suggested and check out what works the best. 


Fruity pink: 

Fruity Pink Lipstick

Pink is the classic lip color that anyone would love to wear any time of the day. A fruity pink color that just brightens up your lip shade is appropriate for a perfect daytime look. The feminine hue would go on with any skin tone. 


Rosy Nude: 

Rosy Nude Lipstick

A rosy nude with a brown undertone is subtle than you think. It hints at the simplicity and compliments a fresh gleaming face. You can pull it off with a smoky eye look anytime. Nude lips, smoky eyes could be the best combo, and a rosy nude would be the best choice. 


Bold Reds:

Red Lipstick

While everything gets brighter in summers, it's never a bad idea to for more radiant with a shade of red. Either you choose a brick red or a retro red, it is such a flashy color to complete the look with minimal effort. And it screams perfection. 


Shiny Tones Of Lip Gloss: 

Lip Gloss Colors

Gloss is back in style, and we are too excited about that. Putting on a lip gloss awakens the face. The summer sunshine always compliments the watermelon tones and berry hues glossy lips. You will see almost all the celebrities pulling off lip gloss either in a daytime look and even on a night glam.
Glossy lips are a standout choice. It passionately goes with every skin tone and on every look.


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