Traditional Mouth-Watering Foods Of Peshawar

Peshawar is best-known for its culture and food

Traditional Mouth-Watering Foods Of Peshawar
Mouth-Watering specialties of Peshawar

Peshawar- capital of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province attracts tourists as it holds many historical and cultural places. Bala Hisar Fort, Muhabbat Khan Mosque, Peshawar Museum and Bab-e-Khyber are the most popular among them.

Beside these historic places, Peshawar is renowned for its quality street food too. Ghanta Ghar is the place where families enjoy the succulent food. Madina Market is yet another well-known place for serving quality food with amazing family environment. So, if you are planning to visit Peshawar once the pandemic gets over then let us guide you the best Peshawari dishes to enjoy.

Namak Mandi Karahi

The basic requirement for this namak mandi karahi is the meat of lamb, its fats and butter. The karahi is cooked in butter and lamb fat specially along with green chillies, tomatoes and salt.  Served with roogni naan and topped with sliced ginger, this namak mandi karahi is a must-have!

peshawari namak mandi karahi

Dum Pukht

One of Peshawar’s finger-licking ‘Dum Pukht’ is surely a must-try recipe. A low-heat cooked meat with fats, onions, potatoes, yogurt, red pepper and cardamom. This delicious dish can be cooked in one and a half hour. 

dum pukht


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Chapli Kabab

A special variety of beef kababs that originated from Peshawar so, famous as Peshawari kababs. Mixed with spicy herbs and chopped tomatoes, the taste is surely to die for! 

peshawari chapli kababs

Kabuli Pulao

Kabuli Pulao is mostly cooked in Basmati rice with stew of the key ingredients such as lamb or beef, onion, garlic, cinnamon, cardamom, cumin seeds, cloves, water, salt, pepper, carrots, sugar, raisin, salt, almonds, and oil. It tastes different as it contains dry fruits and meat. 

peshawari kabuli pulao

Lamb chops

A lip-smacking dish that includes lamb chops marinated with papaya paste, ginger garlic, cinnamon powder, black pepper, white vinegar and salt. Keep the chops marinated for 8-10 hours. Variety of options are there to get the final product, you can cook in a pan, deep fry or bake in an oven.

peshawari lam chops

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