Tricks To Get Naturally Tinted Lips

A lipstick is not enough, try the natural method for the lips.

Tricks To Get Naturally Tinted Lips
Tricks To Get Naturally Tinted Lips

Lipstick is a go-to step for a naturally tinted colour on the lips but who doesn’t want the lips to look healthy all the time. Wearing too much lipstick could definitely ruin the health of your lips. Giving extra care to keep the lips hydrated is necessary. Using these extra remedies eventually make the lips get rid of pigmentation and dead skin from the lips. 

Staying Hydrated 

The first thing that you did not see coming is drinking water can prevent the lips from drying out. Dried lips can make the thin layer of skin on the lips cracked out, leaving marks and pigmentation. Keeping lips moist from the glosses and balms could help but drinking enough water will work like wonders keeping the lips moist naturally. Consuming coffee, tea and coloured drinks leave stains on the lips. Try consuming these rarely. 


Beetroot slices for a natural tint 

Wherever you are and whenever you want use beetroot slices keep the lips naturally tinted and moist without any side effects. Beetroot is rich in nutrients that offers wide beautifying benefits. So, slice a beetroot and dab it on the lips for a natural pink shade. 

Beetroot slices for a natural tint

Almond oil as lip balm

Lips are more sensitive than any other part of the skin. Although, many lip oils and balms are made up of almond oil but using it in it’s natural form contains high amounts of vitamin E and Vitamin B2, restoring the skin on lips, it will get pink naturally too. Simply, nothing beats the natural and real thing. 


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Juice Of Cucumber 

Cucumber is not only the solution to the puffy eyes, dull skin but it will cure your lips too. Cucumber helps lips to stay well hydrated with the rich source of Vitamin C since it plays a key role in providing collagen production. 

Juice Of Cucumber 


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