Twitter Reacts After Yasir Hussain Calls Ertugrul Stars 'Garbage'

Yasir Hussain Is Being Lambasted For Being Jealous

Twitter Reacts After Yasir Hussain Calls Ertugrul Stars 'Garbage'
Yasir Hussain

Yasir Hussain has a habit of blurting out things before thinking them through. As celebrities, there are consequences for what you say and believe in and people are just about done with Yasir Hussain's continuous problematic views.

The actor seems to have a personal grudge against the hit Turkish historical television drama serial Dirilis: Ertugrul and its cast members, who have enjoyed unprecedented fame in Pakistan since March. Yasir Hussain believes that Pakistani actors are not given as much importance as these Turkish actors are being given and one can't help but feel that Yasir Hussain's views stem from pettiness and jealousy. 

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Previously, Yasir Hussain was of the opinion that instead of promoting Turkish content in Pakistan, everyone should come together and support the Pakistani content instead. On this point, Pakistanis criticized the actor and asked him to make good content for it to be acknowledged and supported. However, Yasir Hussain has gone too far now in his hatred for the Turkish series as he labeled its cast members as 'garbage' in one of his Instagram outbursts. 

 As the news got viral on social media, celebrities, and social media users alike, criticized Yasir Hussain for his unfortunate choice of words. Twitter has been completely unforgiving and reminded Yasir Hussain to practice humility and not let pettiness cloud his thought-process.

A Turkish social media user said that everyone in Turkey respects and loves Pakistan but it is shameful what Yasir Hussain has said:

 One social media user went on to relate Yasir Hussain to the real garbage.

 Some Twitter users simply called out Yasir Hussain on being jealous and petty towards the Ertugrul cast.

 One Twitter user took this as an opportunity to remind Yasir Hussain of his past misdemeanors.

 Another Twitter user labeled Yasir Hussain as 'Garbage of the Year':

 Suffice to say, Twitter has completely lambasted Yasir Hussain and put him in his place over such disgraceful comments. 

 The final nail in the coffin came when one Twitter user remarked that Yasir's only big accomplishment is marrying fellow actress Iqra Aziz.

 After severe backlash, Yasir Hussain tried to backtrack on his initial comments but people are not falling for this u-turn. 

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