Types Of Hair Straightening Treatments

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Types Of Hair Straightening Treatments
Hair straightening methods

Grabbing that hair straightening tool every time you go out is a big headache. But you gotta do what you gotta do for sleek, manageable and attractive hair. In the end, when your will power of everyday struggle gives up, you look forward to a straightening treatment by a professional that will make you fall in love with your hair. You will be offered multiple options, and at a point, it gets difficult to know what will work the best for you. We have a list of treatment that helps you loosen the curls and leaves your hair anti-frizz. 

Keratin Treatment :

Keratin Treatment

Keratin treatment is pretty much the most popular treatment for straightening the hair. Keratin is a form of protein that prevents frizz. Keratin will give more shine and health to your hair; however, it does not give you pin-straight hair. Keratin treatments are, yet, less harsh and always the top recommendation from a professional hairstylist.

Hair Rebonding: 

Hair Rebonding

Hair rebonding involves the usage of chemicals that breaks the natural structure of hair and rebond it. The process completely changes the texture making it flat straight, just like freshly flat ironed hair. The drawback for rebonding is the harmful chemical involved to make the hair completely reform its texture. To reduce the damage, you have to pay special attention to hair care to repair your hair for the long term. 

Hair Relaxing Treatment: 

Hair Relaxing Treatment

Hair relaxing involves the breaking of proteins bonds in the hair. This particular treatment helps to tame frizzy hair. Moreover, results depend a lot on the thickness and texture of your hair. The relaxing hair treatment is not entirely for flat straight hair, but if you're looking for a manageable hair texture, then go for it.

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