Under What Compulsion Did Naseebo Lal Sing Songs Based On Inappropriate Poetry?

Naseebo Lal, the singer who caused a stir on social media by singing the song 'Groove Mera' of the sixth season of Pakistan Super League (PSL), is viewed as a singer who only sings inappropriate songs, which is unjust.

Under What Compulsion Did Naseebo Lal Sing Songs Based On Inappropriate Poetry?
Naseebo Lal

Naseebo Lal has not only sung Punjabi songs but she has bagged music albums and movie songs. 

Although, Naseebo Lal's dozens of songs are still popular today because of their unique poetry, sound, and music. But, there are some people who still see her as a singer who sings songs based on inapt poetry.

Naseebo Lal shared her two cents on this and said that it is unfair to just remember only those songs.

Naseebo Lal Coke studio

Naseebo Lal unveils under what compulsion did she sing such songs which are based on inappropriate poetry?

Naseebo Lal also talks about how she came into singing and how much she gets paid for a song.

The legendary singer said that her family had migrated to Pakistan from the Indian state of Rajasthan, and her ancestors used to go from town to town for singing and earning money.

According to her, the great artists of the subcontinent belong to her community, and all are from Rajasthan, and such singers include Mehdi Hasan, Madam Noorjahan, Lata Mangeshkar, and Reshma.

The singer said that she was taught singing by her mother, but she could not go to the studios to sing due to family restrictions. Therefore, she went to the studio and sang with the help of a friend.

According to Naseebo Lal, before she became a singer, she feared that the person she would marry would leave her.

She sang for the first time for a Punjabi film and first told her mother about it, and she went to the studio with her.

According to Naseebo Lal, for many years, she was paid between Rs 1,000 and Rs 2,000 for singing, which is why she recorded up to 10 songs a day to earn some money.

Asked about her songs based on controversial poetry, Naseebo Lal said that, in fact, where she was pressured to sing such songs.

She said that there was a trend of singing such songs at that time, and it is not that she sang only bad songs but also many outstanding numbers.

Punjabi filmmakers and musicians in the studios complained that Naseebo Lal charges them a lot for a song, which sometimes causes them problems.

Meanwhile, Naseebo Lal asked filmmakers, producers, and musicians to tell the world how much she charges them. Everyone was silent, but then the singer said they still pay me 10 to 15 thousand and sometimes 20 thousand rupees for a song.

Naseebo Lal expressed her desire to be given a national anthem or a patriotic song.

It may be recalled that Naseebo Lal started singing after 1970 for Punjabi films.

Naseebo Lal has sung chiefly in Punjabi, but she has also sung in Seraiki, including Urdu and Marwari.

Naseebo Lal's sister Nooran Lal has also been singing, and at one point, the Lahore High Court had banned the sale of cassettes of the two sisters' songs on a petition.

The Lahore High Court had in 2014 banned more than 40 songs of Naseebo Lal and her sister due to inappropriate poetry.

Apart from songs based on inappropriate poetry, Naseebo Lal has also sung many popular songs, including Dil To Pagal Hai, Jine Tukde Hoye Dil De, Yaadan Teriyan, Vicharan Vicharan, and Jinda Yaar Juda Ho Jave.

Recently, she also evoked the magic of her voice in the Pakistan Super League (PSL) anthem 'Groove Mera', and her voice was praised wherever the song was criticized.

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