Ushna Shah In Hot Waters Over Influencing Dr. Maha Shah Suicide Case

Ushna Shah Has Been Criticized For Influencing The Outcome Of The Case

Ushna Shah In Hot Waters Over Influencing Dr. Maha Shah Suicide Case
Ushna Shah

The Dr. Maha Shah suicide case looked to be a done and dusted affair but there has been yet another twist in this suicide case. Previously, Pakistani actress and celebrity Ushna Shah had urged and requested the Sindh Police to investigate Dr. Maha Shah's death thoroughly and bring her 'killer' to justice.

Dr. Maha Shah's first cousin, Kumail Hassan Khan took to his Facebook and dropped some truth bombs about the case and Ushna Shah's involvement in it. He alleged that the actress was trying to influence the outcome of the case and making it even more difficult for his already grieving family.

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Ushna Shah had been very vocal about this case and even received praise for using her platform to raise voice for the deceased. Little did people know that she might have been doing it for her own ulterior motives, as alleged by Dr. Maha Shah's first cousin, who seems to have now deleted his post. 

The police concluded that Dr. Maha Shah, a 25-year old influencer, who hailed from Karachi and was a resident doctor at South City Hospital, had committed suicide following severe depression caused by her friend Junaid.


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However, Ushna Shah kept insisting that since there was a bullet wound at the back of Dr. Maha Shah's head, it should be investigated for a possible murder case. 

Ushna Shah In Hot Waters Over Influencing Dr. Maha Shah Suicide Case

Kumail, Dr. Maha Shah's cousin has had enough by now and said:

"I've had enough of everyone taking turns in enjoying our suffering. I have decided to call out Ushna Shah for blatantly lying and misusing her celebrity status and power to force a grieving family into submission."

He added:

"My first cousin, Maha Ali Shah, was abused publicly and privately by Junaid Khan for over three years and she had previously attempted to taker her own life because of this. Junaid's friend and Maha's colleague Irfan, the rapist, pushed her to end it all. Junaid had Maha's MLO report changed to indicate that the wound was at the back of her head when we, her family members, carried her dead body, and have the placement of the wound seared into our eyes."

He continued: 

"Ushna Shah, Junaid's avid friend, and sympathizer used her celebrity status to push this falsified story into social media and caused an already grieving family even more pain by accusing them as culprits of murder."

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