Ushna Shah Supports Shahroze Sabzwari On His Recent Marriage

Shahroze Sabzwari Got Backlash On Social Media

Ushna Shah Supports Shahroze Sabzwari On His Recent Marriage
Ushna Shah Supports Shahroz Sabzwari's Recent Wedding

Marking all those speculations of Shahroz Sabzwari being involved in Sadaf Kanwal with a ‘True’ label, the actor marries Sadaf right after three months of his divorce with Syra Yousuf.

It all came as a surprise on social media when a closed nikah event took place at home. The pictures took the internet by storm which outraged their fans.

These days Syra is among one of the top trends on Twitter as she receives prayers and sympathy from the people. Whereas, Shahroz was sneered badly by the fans. Many people openly claimed him as he cheated on Syra.

As many actors came in support of Syra, Ushna Shah came in front and lend her hand to Junior Sabzwari.

Ushna Shah pointed out Shahroz and Syra’s daughter Nooreh and tweeted, “Trolling the father of her child was not a service to an ex wife. What good did bullying the wife & reducing the husband to make videos defending his personal matter do? It belittled our industry. Imagine the toll this took on 3 families, that too during a pandemic. Shame!”

Later, Shahroz took his social media handle to share the reasons behind his divorce and revealed that it was a mutual decision. He also clarified his point that Sadaf has nothing to do with his divorce.

The actor took an oath and said, “Syra and I decided to part ways in August, 2019. The reason behind our separation was not Sadaf, or any other woman. I can safely challenge any person to provide evidence to prove otherwise."

"I met Sadaf through work, three to four months after separation with Syra and she was a colleague back then. Syra and I tried to work on our marriage. However, there was a disagreement between us over a very personal matter, which then led to divorce," Shahroz reiterated.


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Shahroz concluded his video message by pledging to defend his family honour, “People wanted me to remain silent and look the other way on the all the allegations being put on me. However, I will defend my family, my wife Sadaf, till the very last breath." 

We wish the newly married couple a happy married life.