Usman Mukhtar’s Wife Stands In His Support

Usman Mukhtar recently opened about about his “blackmailer”.

Usman Mukhtar’s Wife Stands In His Support
Usman Mukhtar

The star won hearts with his acting in the drama serial “Anaa” on Hum TV, Usman Mukhtar faced serious issues of harassment during 2016 while he was hired as a music video director for a female artist’s video. 

Usman Mukhtar open up through an Instagram post sharing about mental trauma

The actor made revelation about a girl who tried to harass him. According to Usman, the girl troubled him by talking around and black mailing him until he took the legal action by calling FIA and involving the legal team in the issue. 

Despite the legal step Usman Mukhtar says he was “traumatised.”

The actor further talked about how the legal action did not change anything about the situation and due to constant mental pressure and anxiety he decided to call out the girl publicly. 

Usman Mukhtar recently got married and have his wife’s support. 

In such situation a relationship gets impacted but Usman Mukhtar got all the support from his family.

Usman Mukhtar’s wife, Zunaira Inam Khan shows her support and how she holds up her husband in any difficult stage he is facing. She came forward through a page which she runs in the name of “The Millennials Rants”.  “I know how conflicted you were about posting this at a time like this and not wanting to detract from what actually matters. I know how much you despise men who don’t respect women or abuse them. I know how you have always stood up for what’s right for the voiceless and the victim,” says Zunaira. She concluded her post with appreciating the bravery to open up and expecting that people recognise the truth according to the couple. 


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