Uzma Khan Opens Up About The Assault She Faced By Realtor’s Daughters

The 33-year-old actor help a press conference in Lahore to address the issue and her relationship with Usman.

Uzma Khan Opens Up About The Assault She Faced By Realtor’s Daughters

Actor Uzma Khan held a press conference at the Lahore Press Club in the evening today (May 28) to address the attack she endured in the viral video.

Accompanied by her sister Huma Khan and legal team that consisted of lawyers Hassaan Khan Niazi, Khadija Siddiqi and representative Mian Ali Ashfaq, Uzma opened up about her relationship with Usman.

According to the actor, the two had known each other since the past two years but it was last year when Uzma ended all ties with Usman after rejecting his marriage proposal. “He still kept in touch with me and even today I’ve proof of him trying to constantly contact me,” said Uzma during the conference.

Mian Ali Ashfaq also contested the claims made by the opposing party, the wife of Usman – Amna Usman – in the video released last night.

Amna stated that the house she and the other two women went to with their armed guards was her husband’s. The representative, however, mentioned that it was a "bogus claim" and the house belongs to Babar Naseem, who is Uzma Khan’s close friend.

“Uzma Khan has the possession of the house and trespassing into private property calls for the enactment of Section 452 of Pakistan’s Penal Code, which is seven years in jail and is a non-bailable offence,” said Ashfaq while addressing the media.

Moreover, Uzma has also charged Amna and sisters Amber and Pashmina, who are the daughters of realtor Malik Riaz, of Section 452, 427 and 506 of PPC.

While Hassaan Khan Niaza will charge Amna Usman under the Prevention of Cyber Crime Act.

The demands made by Uzma’s representative are: provision of security owing to the death threats Uzma, Huma and their legal team has received; an investigation into the incident by a three-member team from the police department, two of whom should not be from the Lahore district; and immediate arrest of the three women named in the FIR filed last night.

Two-days ago a video of Uzma and Huma Khan had gone viral on social media. In the video, we can see the distress actor begging for forgiveness as three women instigate violence against them and vandalize their private property.