Victoria Beckham’s Secret To ‘Healthy Natural Glow’ Costs $389

This skincare routine is going to be heavy on our pockets and Victoria Beckham gets called out for it.

Victoria Beckham’s Secret To ‘Healthy Natural Glow’ Costs $389
Victoria Beckham Beauty and Skincare Routine

Celebrities under lockdown are sharing parts of their routines with fans on social media. While some of them are sharing cooking tips and recipes, others are sharing a page from their fitness or skincare routine.

The latest celebrity to do that is British singer and designer Victoria Beckham. Quarantined with three of her four children in her Cotswold, UK, second home, the Spice Girl turned designer shared a video on her social media platform and revealed the secret behind her “healthy natural” glowing skin.

In the video shared on the Victoria Beckham Beauty Instagram account, the 46-year-old said “A lot of people ask me what I am using on my skin. I have to say, it is all about good skincare. Twice a day, I am using my Power Serum and also my Cell Rejuvenating Priming Moisturizer.”

Both the products the mother of four mentioned cost a whopping $389 – Victoria Beckham Beauty Cell Rejuvenating Priming Moisturizer and Power Serum.

The video received backlash from followers who called Beckham out for flaunting her wealth at a time when the world is facing a global health crisis and people are losing jobs.

While we agree that skincare is utmost important, it is also pertinent for celebrities to mention products that are accessible as well as affordable for the masses.

Moreover, stating expensive products in an attempt to promote one’s brand is insensitive during a global pandemic. Celebrities should be mindful and share tips that can help the masses.

Victoria Beckham has been sharing make-up tutorials on her social media platform since the lockdown began. 

Last month, the business owner faced backlash after news of her furloughing staff amid the COVID-19 lockdown went viral. She, however, reversed the decision and will be paying 80 per cent of her staff’s wages through the British government's Covid-19 scheme.