Viewers Are Not Happy With Mahira As Nigar In The Latest Biopic

The biopic is featuring Mahira Khan as Pakistan’s first Lieutenant General Nigar Johar.

Viewers Are Not Happy With Mahira As Nigar In The Latest Biopic
Mahira Khan

The first look of biopic “Ek Hai Nigar” got released which is based on Lieutenant General Nigar Johar, and the main lead is played by none other than Mahira Khan. The telefilm is made with the sponsorship of ISPR with the contribution of play writer Umera Ahmed and helmed by Adnan Sarwar. The biopic will be aired on ARY Digital. 

The Telefilm's First Look Did Not Impress Netizens Due To The Cast 

Mahira Khan is one of the most outstanding actresses in Pakistan’s media industry; she is talented and beautiful, but casting her in every highlighted project is not mandatory; that’s what the social media users are thinking right now. In the upcoming biopic, Mahira Khan was casted. However, people see no resemblance between the character with the actress. Mahira Khan looks utterly different from what General Nigar Johar looks like. People expect to see a similarity of appearance in any biopic. Still, in this new telefilm, it is disappointing to see nothing common between the actress playing the role of Nigar Johar. 


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Netizens Think Areeba Habib Resemble Lt. General Nigar Johar

People were pleased with the first look of this biopic until they saw the pictures of Lt. General Nigar Johar; everyone questioned one thing why not Areeba Habib? Areeba Habib is a great actress too, infact the resemblance was uncanny between Lt General Nigar Johar and Areeba Habib. Though Mahira Khan was chosen for this role. 

Netizens are still specifically suggesting they would’ve preferred to watch Areeba Habib play this role and would have enjoyed the biopic more if the protagonist's face was similar. 


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