Viral Turkish Chef Czn Burak Cooks In Pakistan

The Culinary Genius Has Arrived In Pakistan!

Viral Turkish Chef Czn Burak Cooks In Pakistan
Chef Czn Burak

The 26-year-old millennial chef, who is making big waves on the internet with his grand cooking videos, has finally arrived in Pakistan this Saturday.

Burak Özdemir, famously known as CZN Burak, is a Turkish chef and restaurateur. He owns a chain of restaurants named the Hatay Medeniyetler Sofrasi, located at Taksim, Aksaray and Etiler in Turkey and he is just about to open a restaurant in Dubai. This young chef has a following of 17.3 Million on Instagram and 476,000 on Twitter. He is not only popular in the Middle East but worldwide because of the oversized middle eastern food he makes!

CZN Burak has recently travelled to Islamabad Pakistan, while in a press conference Burak expressed his love and curiosity for the people of Pakistan and it’s delicious food. As a gesture of love and kindness Burak also cooked and served for the children at the homeless shelter known as Panagah in Islamabad.

CZN Burak

Burak also stated that he’ll try and learn to cook Pakistani cuisine and visit other cities like Karachi and Lahore on his next trips. CZN Burak further mentioned the strong ties Pakistan and Turkey and the constant display of it from both sides and his plans of opening up a restaurant in Pakistan. Burak also posted a lovely photo of him at the Faisal Mosque in Islamabad.


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In the recent months we have seen how turkey and Pakistan both are trying to promote tourism in respective countries. After the popularity of Ertrugal in Pakistan, a Turkish Television show, its star cast has actively worked with Pakistani brands and were given the honor to be the face for many products used and distributed locally. We have also seen a surge in the number of Pakistanis, famous celebrities included, traveling to Turkey once it opened its borders post Covid-19 lockdown. We hope we are able to build stronger ties and friendships with the Turks.

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