Want Buttery Smooth Skin? These Skin Exfoliators Will Help

Why waste money on store-bought exfoliators when we can have at home!

Want Buttery Smooth Skin? These Skin Exfoliators Will Help
Natural skin exfoliators

Have you ever experienced a tired face? The reason behind this problematic condition is your dead skin cells which get stuck onto the skin. It even makes your skin look rough and block the pores, preventing the skin to secrete oil properly which result in black heads, acne and more. Well, the solution to all the latter skin problems is exfoliation. It is a best way to get rid of dead skin cells from your face and body.

Many store-bought items can be used for a weekly exfoliation but why waste money when you can have it from your kitchen? And these will be natural too! So why not give it a try.


Listen all those oily skin ones; oatmeal is best for your skin. It absorbs all the oil and grease from your skin and leaves behind smooth and glowing skin. The process for a smooth and glowing skin is so simple; you just need to blend oatmeal in a mixer till small particles are formed. You can add curd to it and massage on your face. It can do wonders on your body too!



Apart from being nutritious, almonds contain nutrients that work well for skin too. Make a fine almond powder by blending it nicely. Add honey to it and your exfoliant is ready!



Fresh beans or ground coffee both can be used to decrease the puffiness around the eyes. Mix one spoon of coconut oil and scrub your face and body with it.


Baking soda

Low cost and perfect for a sensitive skin, baking soda is a go-to exfoliant. Make a paste by adding water and some honey. Vitamin E capsule can also be added. Have a perfect dewy skin naturally! 

baking soda

So, which exfoliator you are going to use for a smooth skin? 

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