Want Surfer-Girl Waves? Use Sea Salt Spray

So, here’s revealing the secret!

Want Surfer-Girl Waves? Use Sea Salt Spray
Get the perfect beach waves with sea salt spray

What if we can’t go to the beach, we can at least imagine ourselves at the one! That’s so simple, use sea salt spray to give beach waves to your hair. Short bursts of sea salt hair spray can add volume, texture and surely surfer-girl-swag! Isn’t it simple? Keep reading below to know step by step use of sea salt spray before getting it done. Let’s dive in to get that mermaid look!

Step-by-step use of Sea salt spray

Make your hair wet

The first and foremost step is to wet your hair. It does not require shampoo, just rinse your hair with water and let them air dry until damp.

wet hair

Remove knots or tangles if any by using a comb.

Shake it up (Sea salt spray bottle)

Shaking the spray bottle is necessary as you need to make sure that the product is properly mixed. Sea salt spray contains solid elements like sugar and salt which may settle over a passage of time. So folks, give your spray bottle a good shake!

sea salt shake

Start spraying!

Divide your hair into sections to make sure each part is covered properly. Your main focus should be the roots and the mid-length hair. To know how much sea salt spray is enough for you depends on your hair type and product. But remember, it’s good to start with a small amount first and increase eventually if required.

sea salt spraying

Twist and scrunch!

Here comes the fun part. After applying sea salt spray, take small portions of hair and twist them. The more you twist the wavier will be your hair. Spraying and twisting can be done alternatively. 

twist and scrunch

Let your beach-waves hairstyle dry!

Blow dryer on the diffuser mode can be used be dry your hair. Avoid exposure to heat as it will reverse the texturizing effect.

The tip of the day is not to use the towel to dry your hair. Only air-drying or blow drying methods can be used.