Ways To Overcome Anxiety And Panic Attacks

Heart palpation, nausea and sweating are false alarms of anxiety!

Ways To Overcome Anxiety And Panic Attacks
Panic attacks!

It is hardly surprising that a new research has found a very high number of google searches. The searches related to anxiety and panic attacks have increased since COVID-19 outbreak.

The degree of anxiety in the current situation is normal as it is one of the useful human emotions that we have. Consider it as our very own in-built alarm system that warns us and helps us to stay out of danger. It also sends signal to our body to be prompt.

Our alarm system has turned on more than ever due to the global pandemic threat outside. We are unable to feel safe even inside our homes due to the constant reminder on television to practice social distancing and lockdown.

As discussed earlier, anxiety can lead to panic attacks. It can happen when anxiety levels are too high and you can’t control yourself. Our body gives us false alarms through adrenaline pumping, shortness of breath and increased heart rate. Our brain tells us that we are in danger and suddenly you experience intense anxiety in the form of a panic attack. 

panic attack symptoms

You will experience some physical sensations during a panic attack which include pounding or racing heart, nausea or upset stomach, shaking, sweating or feeling hot and hyperventilating. In some cases, you might faint too!

Intrusive thoughts may also surround you such as you’re going to die, something bad is going to happen, losing control or feeling faint, you’re going crack and last but not the least you are not going to be able to cope with the ongoing situation. As a result, you may avoid going to certain places, might seek safety and feel agitated.

What triggers panic attacks?

Well, there’s no obvious cause for panic attacks. It can come suddenly and without cause and warning. But if you start to feel that you’re having a panic attack so here are certain things which can help you deal with it.

1. Breathe

The best thing that you can do at that moment is to breathe in through your nose for a count of three and out through your mouth for a count of three. Repeat several times.

relax breathe

2. Find distractions

It is really important to get your brain distracted. You can simply open a webpage and start counting on all the E’s. Focus on any picture and find out the shapes, color or anything else. You just need a distraction!


3. Talk to yourself

It may seem weird but it works. Talk to yourself and assure that everything is going to be okay and you are SAFE!

talk GIF

4. Soothe yourself

Listen to the music that soothes you, suck a candy or a good smell can also distract you.

music GIF

These ways can be helpful in preventing you from panic attacks. However, if you find that things are getting worse, then consult a GP at your earliest.

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