Weird Things That Pregnant Women Had To Face

Being A Mother Is Never An Easy Job

Weird Things That Pregnant Women Had To Face
Pregnant Woman

We all know that being a mother is not an easy job. It is all a challenge from giving birth to raising children; life seems like a roller coaster. Only a mother could tell how it feels like. During this irritating condition of pregnancy, instead of making it easy for her, people make it worse with their ongoing bad habits which seriously needs to stop.

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HNH brings you some scenarios that all of you pregos out there must have been going through.

Why Are You So Small?

Do you really need to tell me that? Like I am already worried about my inside baby’s slow growth and you bump into me just to say that my baby is weak, wow!!

Women Shouting

You Are Getting Fat, Aren’t You? 

What else is a pregnant woman supposed to gain, money? People are never happy; they always kept on questioning either you lose or gain. 

Angry Women

What Is It, A Boy Or A Girl? 

Somethings are secret so let it be the secret. You will meet people who are more curious about your life than their own. They make it so uncomfortable, and it is impossible just to ignore them and leave.

Boy Or Girl

Have You Picked A Name? 

It is disturbing when others are more concerned about your baby than you. Pregnancy is when you became the most sensitive about your child, who is not even born. You do not want to disclose anything to anyone, no gender, no name, nothing. You feel like hiding it from all. 

Baby Names

'The Time When I Was Pregnant’

People just start telling you their own stories, which you are not even a single percent concerned about. You are already at the phase where you feel like you are the only woman pregnant on earth and in the entire history. You do not want to listen to anybody’s story and feel like shutting them up. 

Angry Women

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