What Exactly Went Wrong Between Messi And Barcelona

Read these details about Argentina’s star player leaving the renowned football club and what’s coming next for the club.

What Exactly Went Wrong Between Messi And Barcelona
Lionel Messi

Football fans around the world are still trying to contemplate what exactly happened over the weekend. After all, no one ever expected the most outstanding player of Barcelona to step out. 


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Barcelona Explained Its Stance On Dropping Lionel Messi 

Many people worldwide started recognising Barcelona through Messi and vice versa, but the financial obstacles made Barcelona take a decision. 

Barcelona’s financial situation lately didn’t look good, as the club is under the debt of 1 billion euros, this makes it more clear why the club made such a difficult decision. Barcelona was eventually instructed to reduce the wage bill to fulfil La Liga’s Fair Play restrictions. The club’s sustainability was the top priority, even if that makes them drop the greatest player ever. The club could not acknowledge La Liga’s fair play restrictions while following the contract with Messi.

“The salary mass has a great deal to do with that after a disastrous situation that was down to the previous board. If we terminate current contracts, that also has risks. We can't destroy the club," says the President of the club Barcelona. He explained the salary mass that was paid to Messi according to his contract was 110% of the total income of the club, which means a massive loss to the club. 

Barcelona will be expecting a recovery from the new addition of players and young talent 

It is fairly not easy to replace a player like Messi, who performed for Barcelona since his teenage and became a six-time Ballon d’Or winner. However, the club has to put their hope on players such as Ansu Fati and Pedri to overcome the support they had from Lionel Messi. It’ll be difficult, but they have to move on. 



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