What Is Trauma?

How should you deal with trauma?

What Is Trauma?

Have you ever experienced something that left you physically, emotionally, spiritually, or psychologically harmed? Your response to that event, be it your ability to cope, feelings of helplessness or even shock and denial, can be defined as trauma. Trauma does not discriminate, and people around the world have experienced it.

Trauma does not necessarily need to be the response to high magnitude situations like wars, natural disasters or personal assault; triggers of trauma are highly variable. If you have experienced anything from betrayal, loss of control to helplessness and pain, you can experience trauma. Again, triggers and responses differ from person to person, so there is no plausible specificity when it comes to experiencing trauma. 

You may feel shocked or in denial after a traumatic event. While these reactions are normal, there are many other symptoms that may detect a traumatic response. You may have flashbacks of the event, you may feel a heightened sense of fear, you may go through anxiety and nervousness, you may have nightmares related to what happened, you may go through depression, and even have physical symptoms of stress such as headaches and nausea. 

How should you deal with trauma? There are many things you can focus on to emotionally heal from your trauma. You can share your experiences to those whom you trust and will understand you, and even attend support groups. Try to pursue your interests, and if you feel yourself detaching from the outside world, try to remain in contact and communication with other people. Other than this, get enough rest and try to eat a well balanced diet, while also exercising if it is feasible for you. If you feel like your traumatic event may have caused a disorder or if you feel like you need professional help, always feel free to refer to a therapist.  Always try to prioritize yourself and your mental health!

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