What Makes Srha Asgr The Latest Sensation On TV

Srha Asgr Is An All-Rounder Who Can Do Everything At The Drop Of The Hat!

What Makes Srha Asgr The Latest Sensation On TV
Srha Asgr

Many would look back at 2020 as the year of COVID-19; however, it proved to be the perfect one for Srha Asgr who excelled in whatever was thrown at her. From playing the bossy sister to Bilal Abbas in Pyar Ke Sadqay to being his younger sibling in Ek Jhooti Love Story, Srha Asgr proved to be a breath of fresh air for the audience. However, there is more to the young actress and we decided to look at her many avatars, those that are visible on camera, and those that aren’t. Read on:

Srha Asgr is an experienced campaigner on TV

During 2020, the cute and bubbly Srha Asgr was part of two blockbuster shows – TV drama Pyar Ke Sadqay and Zee 5 web series Ek Jhooti Love Story. However, she has been around for over five years, working in multiple dramas since her debut play Khoat. From there onwards, she managed to work in countless dramas that were liked by the viewers, including Waada, Kambakht Tanoo, Zindaan, Be Aitabar, Ishq Ya Rabba, Wajood e Zan, Aik Mohabbat Kafi Hai, Ki Jaana Mein Kon, Babban Khala Ki Betian and Meer Abroo among others. With Pyar Ke Sadqay and Ek Jhooti Love Story in 2020, she broke into the big league and seems to be destined for bigger things.

Srha Asgr was first approached to play Bilal Abbas’s fiancée in Pyar Ke Sadqay!

She may have played Bilal Abbas’s younger sister in both Pyar Ke Sadqay and Ek Jhooti Love Story but her role was as different as chalk and cheese. She was the bossy sibling in the former and the caring one in the latter. However, not many know that she was first offered the character of Shanzay in Pyar Ke Sadqay, something that was eventually done by Yashma Gill. It was only after the producers realized that she is more suited to the ‘sister’ role that she was brought on board, and did an excellent job as Washma, the protagonist’s strong-willed sister.

Srha Asgr also made her film debut in 2020!

Only one Pakistani film released in 2020 that too in February, and guess who played the lead in that film – you guessed it right, Srha Asgr. The youngster led the cast in Record that turned out to be a horror flick in the mold of The Blair Witch Project. The film made it to the cinema just before they were closed due to COVID-19 and couldn’t do well at the box office because people avoided cinema due to the pandemic. However, whenever the cinemas would open, Record would be screened so that those who missed it would be able to watch the only Pakistani film that was released in Pakistan in 2020.

Srha Asgr was also behind the most-watched music video of the year

Remember the song that came out just before Independence Day where two girls were dancing superbly on Dil Se Main Ne Dekha Pakistan song? Well one of them was Srha Asgr whereas the other was her friend and dance partner Rabya Kulsoom Rehan. The two dance enthusiasts have formed their own platform ‘Danceography’, where they dance to a number of songs, and then post the video online. Since Dil Se Main Ne Dekha Pakistan song was tactically released on the perfect time, it went onto become a rage and people around the world got to know about the hidden talent of Srha Asgr. 

Srha Asgr is also an up and coming choreographer who did a huge project this year!

And then there is the title track of Candi’s Mere Dost Mere Yaar Season 2 where Srha Asgr and Rabya Kulsoom Rehan are not present in front of the camera, but they ensured that they made their mark. The ‘Danceography’ girls were the ones who choreographed the title sequences of Candi’s Mere Dost Mere Yaar Season 2, and made Asim Azhar, Hania Aamir, Mariam Nafees, and others dance on their instructions. Impressive, isn’t it? However, her fans were disappointed that despite being age-appropriate for the series, she wasn’t cast in it as an actor. Who knows she might be part of the third season as both the choreographer and actor and surprise her fans in the new year!

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