What Makes Zahid Ahmed The Complete Package!

With His Upcoming Film Ghabrana Nahi Hai, Zahid Ahmed Is Likely To Emerge As A Star With No Boundaries!

What Makes Zahid Ahmed The Complete Package!
Zahid Ahmed

He came, he saw and he conquered the TV industry with his expressive performances, his ability to play any kind of character and taking on challenges like none before him. That’s Zahid Ahmed for you, the man who is now gearing up for his film debut with Saba Qamar and Syed Jibran – Ghabrana Nahi Hai. It might be an important step for his career but it is not a difficult one, because, in the last six years since his TV debut, Zahid Ahmed has been there, done that, winning fans all over the world. Let’s find out what makes Zahid Ahmed a complete package and why one should be looking forward to his upcoming film debut with the hope that it will change the game!

Zahid Ahmed Has A Voice To Die For!

He began his entertainment career as an RJ nearly two decades back and since then Zahid Ahmed hasn’t looked back. From hosting Radio Shows to working for PTV World, where his Voice Overs did bring credibility to the newly-launched channel, Zahid Ahmed has done it all. With transitions first to theatre and later to TV, Zahid Ahmed became a known entity in the field of Voice Overs and was even associated with many brands during his initial days on TV. He still does Voice Overs for a few brands when he has the time but now that he is busy in TV and films, his voice isn’t as frequently heard on TV as it should.

Zahid Ahmed Learned The Ropes On Stage!

Before he became the leading actor on TV, Zahid Ahmed was part of the theatre industry for quite some time during which he worked in both English and Urdu plays. After moving to Karachi in 2013, he worked in not one but three Anwar Maqsood plays namely Sawa 14 August, Haaf Playt and Pawnay 14 August, which went onto do well all around the country. While he played Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah in the 14 August series, he was Butt Sahab in the theatrical version of Half Plate and had the audience in stitches with his live performance. That’s not all, he was also part of It Runs in the Family, Bombay Dreams, Home Is Where Your Clothes Are, Phantom of the Opera and Run for Your Wife but after doing the Anwar Maqsood plays, he got both the recognition and TV offers that had so far eluded him.

Zahid Ahmed Can Play Good Or Bad At The Drop Of The Hat

From playing the rapist Shavez in Sangat to the confused Saif in Tau Dil Ka Kia Hua, from gathering the viewers' sympathy as Hadi in Zara Yaad Kar to making the audience hate him as Akku in Visaal, Zahid Ahmed has come a long way. Be it a good person's role or a bad, he usually is there on every producer's top list for he can both shock the audience and make them love him at the same time. Currently, he is part of Faryaad as someone who believes he can get away with anything because of his street smartness, and so far he is doing a stellar job!  

The More Difficult The Character, The Better Zahid Performs!

If anyone had any doubt about Zahid Ahmed’s ability to shock, he convinced them all with his best performance to date – as Sameer and Sameera in Ishq Zahe Naseeb. Not only was his character shown to be suffering from dissociative identity disorder, but he also carried it out so well that he went onto nominated for the Best Actor in the Lux Style Awards. He was convincing as both the personalities and outshone all of his co-stars including the indomitable Yumna Zaidi, the versatile Sami Khan, and even his leading lady, Sonya Hussyn who herself is a powerful performer. Written by Hashim Nadeem and directed by Farooq Rind, the drama was amongst the most popular of the year, and gave Zahid Ahmed’s career the stability that makes one want to move one step up – films!

Zahid Ahmed Is All Geared Up For Film Debut Ghabrana Nahi Hai

Films aren’t something that should scare Zahid Ahmed, for he was born to be a film star. He has the height to stand tall and make others look inferior, he has the voice to woo over anyone in the surroundings and he can shake a leg if the need arises. Add to that his excellent acting skills and ability to connect with the audience and we might have a new hero on the block who can raise the bar for his competition. With Saba Qamar on his side as the leading lady and Syed Jibran trying to win the girl as well, we might have a blockbuster in the making. All we can do is wait for the flick, and believe that good things do come to those who wait! 

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