What Were The Two Conditions Given By Nadia Khan For Marriage With Faisal Mumtaz?

Nadia Khan's Husband Faisal Mumtaz Has Revealed That The Actress Had Set Two Conditions For Marriage

What Were The Two Conditions Given By Nadia Khan For Marriage With Faisal Mumtaz?
Nadia Khan and Faisal Mumtaz

Faisal Mumtaz and Nadia Khan confirmed their marriage on January 2, 2021 by sharing the wedding photos the very next day, and later on January 10, they also shared photos and videos of the wedding ceremony.

Recently, she spoke openly for the first time with her husband Faisal Mumtaz about her love and marriage in a YouTube video and how she fell in love and got married in just 4 months.

In a video of about 30 minutes, Faisal said that their first meeting took place 4 months before the marriage.

Referring to the first meeting, Nadia Khan's husband said that when he was coming to Karachi from Punjab, a female friend who was also a friend of Nadia Khan gave him a parcel and said that it was to be given to Nadia Khan.

According to Faisal Mumtaz, when he reached Nadia Khan's house with the parcel, he thought that he would deliver the parcel and leave in 10 minutes, but it turned out to be three hours and 10 minutes.

Faisal Mumtaz said that he fell in love with Nadia in the first meeting.

According to Nadia Khan, when she found out that Faisal Mumtaz had been a commander in the Air Force, she fell for him, because she has loved soldiers since childhood.

Both of them said that since their hometown was the same and they had the same past, their love grew with each passing day.

Nadia Khan said that Faisal Mumtaz's father had served in the field of current affairs in Pakistan Television (PTV) while the actress's father is a former soldier and that is why the two became closer.

According to Faisal Mumtaz, he had also offered marriage to Nadia Khan on a phone and Nadia Khan agreed at once but she laid down two conditions for marriage.

Nadia Khan said that she made it a condition of consent of children and parents for marriage, as they both had children and both had parents and she did not want to proceed without their consent.

According to Faisal, the two started working to meet the conditions and initially started talking to their children on mobile phones and then a series of video calls, and then both told their children about marriage.

He further told that his son had vaguely agreed to the marriage while Nadia Khan was also allowed to marry in an unclear manner by her children.

Nadia Khan's husband said that he later had dinner with the children and during the meal, he told Nadia Khan's children that he wanted to marry their mother, to which Nadia Khan's three children agreed.

Nadia Khan said that Faisal Mumtaz has an 18-year-old son Hani from his first marriage who moved to the United States for higher education after his marriage.

The actress said that her eldest daughter Aliza is also 18 years old while her second son Azan is 12 years old and her youngest son Kian is one and a half years old.

The actress said that after the consent of the children, they persuaded the parents and first Faisal Mumtaz persuaded his mother and then Nadia Khan persuaded his father and both were fortunately satisfied.

Both said that after the consent of the children and parents, they got engaged in a family ceremony and later got married in just 10 days, as Faisal Mumtaz's son Hani had to go to America for higher education.

Both said that they prepared for the wedding in just 5 days and all the celebrations took place in 10 days and everyone was happy with their marriage.

During the video, Faisal Mumtaz also termed the media reports that Nadia Khan wore a dress worth Rs 1.5 million at the wedding as false.

He claimed that Nadia Khan's wedding dresses were worth thousands of rupees and no dress was worth up to one lakh rupees

Although the two spoke openly about their love, marriage, and family, they did not say how many marriages they had before. Just a thought!! 

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