Who Is Happier? The Singles Or the Married Couples

Is It Better To Stay Single or Get Married?

Who Is Happier? The Singles Or the Married Couples
Who Is Happier? The Singles Or the Married Couple

Do you think getting married make you happier, healthier, more integrated into society, and better off in all sorts of other physical, emotional, and interpersonal ways? All of these claims seem to be invalid or completely exaggerated. In addition to it, there are many other ways in which single people can stay happy and healthy than the married people.  

In this debate, we cannot fix one-size-fits-all answer to the question whether it is better to stay single or get married.

Singles are the happiest ones, Research shows

According to a detailed research which shows that single people are much happier than others. It is the single people who are healthiest. Singles can take a good personal care; they can even grow other relationships, feel free to go anywhere they want to, not answerable to anyone and on the top of all they can sleep whenever they want to.

Live Free

As discussed above single people do better than the married ones in a variety of ways. For example, singles enjoy hanging out with friends, siblings, parents and peers more often than the married ones.

Help Aged Parents

The most important thing which singles can do is to take care of their aging parents when they do need a lot of help.


Married people end up no happier than they were when being single. They have to be answerable to the head of the family and take care of everything at home.  On the other hand, it is less likely that unmarried children perform any bigger responsibility such as household chores and work.

Well, the findings do not apply equally to everyone there are always exceptions. It is most likely to be true that some people enjoy watching the movie with their partner.  While some might like watching the movie alone. It can vary person to person.

It is hard to say that which side of the coin is better than the other as both have pros and cons. Those who end up in divorce are less likely to be happy.  Henceforth, getting married is no royal road to longevity.

But according to a poll, it is concluded that the single people are happier than the married peers.