Why do we hold on to toxicity?

Letting go can be a challenge but so can not letting go!

Why do we hold on to toxicity?
Let go!

Letting go can be a real challenge for many. For some people it could be about letting go of a great opportunity while for others it could be about letting go of someone or something you really liked. Moreover, even personal expectations that we have from someone or something can be hard to let go. No one is perfect and no one knows how to completely let go without falling back for it from time to time, but if we are aware of why we are not able to let go, it may make letting go easier.

Have you ever found yourself stuck in a toxic situation or with a toxic person? Have you ever let negativity get to you so much that it almost doesn’t even feel like negativity anymore? One reason why we get stuck like this is because we’ve been trying so hard to make things work in our favor or have come such a long way to get something that we feel like if we let go, all that time and effort we invested in it would go to waste. We also hold on to things because we think it may be too late now to change anything. Letting go can feel like we are going to lose what we have now, which we do, but that doesn’t mean it was a waste of time and efforts

Remember that we are humans and we make mistakes in order to learn from them to grow. Do you know that you are not the same person you were five years ago? Growth happened there, didn’t it? So why would growth not come again?

One more reason for holding on to toxic things or people than we should is because we believe good things only happen once. We believe that we will not be able to find someone who would make us feel the same or find a job like the one we have now or even find something that we are passionate about again.  

Things don’t work this way though. Good things do happen twice and when they do, they will be more fitting with your current self as compared to what you were holding on to before. We tend to hold on to things so much out of the fear that it will never happen again that we forget when one door closes, another opens. For instance, do you find yourself laughing over things you thought you will never move on from but you did? That’s exactly how you will also move on from things you feel stuck in now. Don’t hold on to toxicity so hard to later realize that it wasn’t worth it. There’s always a second chance. 

“I wish the readers of this article all the self-worth they need. Always remember that letting go can be a challenge but so can not letting go.”

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