Why Do Women Have A Hernia?

Why Do Women Have A Hernia?
Hernia in Women

Women's health is essential for every healthy family because they are the ones who can take care of a household better. But they face various problems, one of which is a hernia, which has become a problem for every other woman. Some women have had a hernia operation once, and some women have taken the treatment several times, but it increases from time to time, while they have also applied gauze to remove it.


That is why today, we share the doctors' perspective, which will help you understand why a hernia occurs and its precautions?

Causes Of Hernia:

You have often heard that family members tell women not to lift too much weight. There is a reason for this, and doctors also endorse it. Excessive weight lifting can lead to a hernia, and when the lower abdominal muscles in your lower abdomen become weak, the tissues in them become damaged, which is why hernia disease progresses. This disease continues to grow until the muscles are strong.

causes of hernia


It feels like a pain in the affected area, physical weakness or heaviness in the stomach, burning or itching, chest pain, difficulty swallowing food and burning in the chest, etc.

symptoms of hernia


Try not to gain too much weight, eat light foods, and avoid junk foods. Also, mix aloe vera in castor oil and take it in a sip with a warm water tablespoon. This tip will benefit you to some extent, but use the medicine and food prescribed by the doctor regularly.

caution of hernia

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