Why Engin Altan Canceled The Contract With Kashif Zameer?

Engin Altan confirmed the cancellation of his contract with Kashif Zameer.

Why Engin Altan Canceled The Contract With Kashif Zameer?
Engin Altan aka Ertugrul Ghazi
Why Engin Altan Canceled The Contract With Kashif Zameer?

Turkish actor Engin Altan Duziyatan had signed a project with Sialkot-based Pakistani businessman Kashif Zameer's firm Chaudhry Group of Industries, under which Engin Altan was appointed as the firm's brand ambassador. Turkish actors came to Pakistan in December last year to finalize the terms and conditions of the agreement. However, the deal has now been formally canceled.

The Turkish actor has issued a statement in which he said, "I declare that I canceled the contract with the Pakistani company Chaudhry Group of Industries as an ambassador. As I visited Pakistan to meet Mian Kashif Zameer and Muhammad Ismail, the owner and managing director of Chaudhry Group of Industries, to discuss the terms and conditions of the agreement and finalize the deal. During my visit, all aspects of the agreement were discussed and agreed upon by both parties."

According to his statement, "Despite constant reports from the Pakistani media about the agreement, we adhered to the contract's terms and conditions and gave the Chaudhry Group of Industries one month to clarify its position."

He further opened up about sticking to the terms and conditions, "However, we were deeply saddened by the company's MD Kashif Zameer for sharing wrong information to Pakistani media and spread lies about the deal. Kashif Zameer did not fulfill any of the conditions given under the agreement, after which we have unilaterally canceled the contract. The Turkish actor said that the company did not pay even half of the amount by consensus. Now we have nothing to do with Mian Kashif Zameer, Muhammad Ismail, and his company Chaudhry Group of Industries."

In the statement, the Turkish actor added about strengthening and promoting brotherly relation between the two countries, "Our visit to Pakistan allowed us to meet people and see the beautiful country. We are committed to further enhancing Pak-Turkish relations, the friendship between the two countries, and promoting each other's cultures."

"The deep interest shown by the Pakistani people in Turkish dramas has impressed me immensely, and I consider it an honor to revisit Pakistan soon,' he said. I assure you, God willing, I will revisit Pakistan soon with a new and correct plan. The friendship between Pakistan and Turkey will last forever."

Termination of contract by ertugrul ghazi with kashif zameer


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