Why Women Is Not Presumed To Smoke

Exploring Gender Stereotyping In Smoking

Why Women Is Not Presumed To Smoke
Smoking Women Is Still A Taboo

Living in this male dominating society, it has become nearly unacceptable for us to see a female smoker around. It is common for us to see a man smoking, and there is nothing new about it. The society where women are supposed to suppress their feelings and not share their opinions. Such acts become improper for us to adapt quickly.

The concept has become so strong that if we see a woman performing such tasks, we start judging them.


The acceptance of a man smoking never justifies that smoking is a good habit; instead, it's a dispute of acceptance. 

woman fighting

According to the research, women's attitude toward smoking reveals something different. Breaking the stereotype might never be the idea, but this modern generation asks for equality and freedom. What man does why women can not? 

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At an early age, female smokers feel that it is a sign of being cool or independent; they don't feel the need but adopt the environment's behavior. Nowadays, women do smoke publicly; eventually, we have started accepting that they smoke. There was a time when it was furious for us to think that way, but now knowing that they are in the race with men for living a balanced life, people are getting used to it.

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According to the research, places like big companies, high-end restaurants, malls, and famous institutes have more acceptance. It is because educated people feel more empowered when giving equal rights to both gender and not hawing to them in their faces. 


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Despite the fact of what behavior has acceptance in the society. We can not deny that smoking is harmful to both genders as they both have lungs and life ahead. 

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