Why You Should Cut Caffeine From Your Diet

How caffeine addiction is impacting health.

Why You Should Cut Caffeine From Your Diet
Cut caffeine from your diet

Caffeine in the form of tea, coffee or even ice lattes is found in every household. Worldwide it's used widely, but in reality, it is a drug we are consuming every day. Overuse of caffeine could be problematic for your health mentally and physically. In our society, people are unaware of the various side effect of constant consumption of caffeine. It gives a mental boost, but that is temporary, while an overdose of it can mess up the nervous system too. Eventually, the body starts adjusting to how caffeine boost, so we start consuming more to get a jolt from it. 

Overdosing Caffeine Stimulates Panic Disorder

Panic disorder is a type of anxiety that occurs unexpectedly. The reaction to panic disorder can have severe symptoms such as rapid breathing and increased heart rate. The condition can be stimulated by too much caffeine, especially in the form of coffee. 

Overdosing caffeine stimulates panic disorder.

Weight Loss Becomes Difficult With Caffeine Consumption

If you are taking 2-3 cups of tea every day, you consume 200 calories in each cup that is even more than a can of soda. It also increases the craving for sugar which negatively effect your diet when you are cutting down sugar from your lifestyle. 

loss becomes difficult with caffeine consumption.

Caffeine Causes Blood Pressure To Rise

Caffeine has to be avoided by people suffering from hypertension. The compounds found in coffee beans increases the LDL level of cholesterol that disturbs the blood flow. In some cases, higher LDL cholesterol can also make the arteries hard, which leads to the risk of a heart attack. 

Caffeine causes blood pressure to rise

It Can Make Your Skin Look Tired

As much as we feel awaken after a cup of tea or coffee, it can end up dehydrating our body and eventually making the skin look tired. You may wonder, after doing the complete skin routine, your skin is dry and dull. A constant dose of caffeine could be the reason behind it. Try cutting down coffee or tea for healthier skin.

It can make your skin look tired.


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