Why You Should Switch To Brown Sugar

You will start consuming brown sugar after reading its various benefits

Why You Should Switch To Brown Sugar
Benefits of consuming brown sugar

Brown sugar is a mixture of molasses-a sugar-derived syrup and white sugar. Due to the presence of molasses, the sugar has brown color. A higher content of iron, calcium and potassium in brown sugar increases its nutritional value. However, there are fewer less calories in brown sugar than white. Here we are sharing with you the various health benefits of brown sugar which will surely confine you to choose brown sugar in your diet.

Essential Minerals

As molasses contain all the important nutrients such as calcium, iron, magnesium and potassium and when it is added to the sugar, the minerals transfer too! As one teaspoon of brown sugar can provide 20% of your daily iron and calcium requirement and can be good for the treatment of anemia.

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White sugar consumption can make you obese but brown sugar will not. Due to the fewer calories present in brown sugar which benefits your health.

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Boost energy

Consuming white and brown sugar will boost your energy, but for a limited time. Since it has little or no nutrients, brown sugar will provide energy on a temporary basis.

Better digestion

It plays a very important role in digestion as it improves digestive system. Regular intake of brown sugar and ginger in boiled water will reduce constipation.

Prevent infection

Due to its anti microbial and anti-inflammatory properties, it can prevent infections. It will act as a fast first-aid and heal minor cuts.

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Relief from cold

Brown sugar is considered to be an old-time remedy for treating cold. Boil water and add slices of ginger and brown sugar, you will have a quick relief from cold.

Skin care

Do you think brown sugar only provides flavor? No, it is also used for the skin care. As it helps in skin softening and removes dirt and dead skin cells.

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Hydration and moisturization

Apart from glowing skin, brown sugar is beneficial for skin hydration and moisturization. Reduces any type of swelling present on your skin and also regenerates the dead skin cells.