Will Harry and Meghan name their daughter 'Diana'?

Along With Other Royal Secrets, the couple shared their soon-to-be daughter's name too!

Will Harry and Meghan name their daughter 'Diana'?
Harry and Meghan Markle

British Prince Harry and his wife Meghan who are expecting a baby girl soon, do not want to name their soon-to-be daughter Diana because they fear the name could affect her private life.

In a terrifying interview with Oprah Winfrey, British Prince Harry and Meghan Markle revealed the royal family's secrets. During the interview, Harry and Meghan announced the birth of their baby girl.

Harry and meghan interview

Many people thought that Harry would name his daughter Diana or be a part of his daughter's name.

The reason for this is Prince Harry's unconditional love for his mother, Lady Diana.

Prince Harry's older brother, Prince William, has named Diana after his daughter, Princess Charlotte. Princess Charlotte's full name is Charlotte Elizabeth Diana.

Charlotte Elizabeth Diana

Foreign media reports say that no matter what anyone thinks, their children's personal lives are very important to Prince Harry and Meghan. They want to keep the children out of the media's sight, which is why Harry and Meghan's son was named 'Master Archie Mount Benton Windsor'.

Master Archie Mount Benton Windsor

They prefer to add 'Master' in his name instead of 'Prince'.

Reports also say that the royal couple has concerns that their children's names could cause problems in their future.

He also expressed concern about the name 'Diana', saying Buckingham Palace could compare his children to Prince William and Kate's children.

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